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Reflecting on the Session and Looking Ahead: An Update for Constituents

Dear constituents,

As we have transitioned into the off-session period, I wanted to provide you with an update on my recent activities and plans moving forward. The legislative session, which lasted from January through early April, demanded a significant amount of my time and attention as a member of the Joint Finance and Appropriation Committee (JFAC) and the Health and Welfare Committee. As a result, consistent updates via my blog were somewhat limited. However, I am committed to improving communication and will strive for at least one weekly blog post, depending on the availability of interns to assist me. Your feedback and support are invaluable in guiding my work, and I appreciate your understanding during this period.

1. Engaging with Constituents: Throughout the off-session period, I have remained dedicated to meeting and interacting with you, the constituents. I have participated in various conferences, meet and greets, and constituent meetings to understand your concerns and address them effectively. Additionally, I have participated in town hall events, which have provided valuable opportunities for direct conversations and open dialogue. Your voices shape my decisions, and I am grateful for the chance to connect with you.

2. Celebrating Independence Day: I had the pleasure of participating in the Independence Day Parades in Post Falls and Coeur D'Alene, Idaho. It was an honor to march alongside fellow community members and celebrate our shared values of freedom and unity.

Here I am on my Ebike in the parade (right of Bjorn) capturing the joyous spirit and camaraderie that defines our community.

3. Preparing for the Future: While off-session, I have been engaged in several in-services and conferences to stay informed about key issues and gather insights to better serve you. Notably, I have dedicated considerable time to Zoom calls for budget preparation and strategic discussions. Together with my colleagues, we are diligently strategizing on how to tackle the 2024 budget effectively. Your input and concerns are vital as we shape policies that align with our shared goals.

4. Looking Ahead to 2024: Next year will be a campaign year, and I am excited to announce that I will be running again to support and represent my constituents. I am deeply committed to advocating for your interests and ensuring our community's prosperity. The upcoming campaign is expected to be more competitive than my previous run in 2022, and your continued support will be instrumental in our success. I will be actively campaigning and seeking donations to strengthen our grassroots efforts and amplify our message. Together, we can build a brighter future for our district.

Conclusion: Thank you for your unwavering support and understanding during the demanding session. Your voices have guided my work, and I am committed to improving communication during the off-session period. I value your feedback and encourage you to reach out with any concerns, suggestions, or questions you may have. Together, we will continue to make a positive difference in our community. Stay tuned for more updates in the coming weeks.

Warm regards,

Senator Carl Bjerke LD5

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