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Half Way

As we move to the second half of the session, things will start ramping up. As decided on Feb. 10th, we now know how voting will take place in JFAC, which puts us in the position to vote on supplemental bills and move towards our continued efforts to appropriate budgets. Having just decided, this has set us a little behind schedule, which might extend the session this year.

As I was elected to do, I am intent on working on issues of medical freedom and collaborating with other senators and representatives to ensure the best possible bill(s) move forward. You may see me picking up bills based on constituent requests. I will appreciate your support in moving forward with those concerns and understanding my desire to help small businesses in Idaho, particularly in my district.

As Vice Chair of JFAC, I ensure that all budgets are worked on by analysts and are ready to be voted on in the committee, the House, and the Senate. Any budget that needs to be worked on will fall to me, which will take up a lot of my discretionary time. I'm intent on getting back to everyone's email to me, but know that these responses may not be timely and may not be thorough. With that said, I look forward to the end of the session to prepare for the next session and will enjoy connecting with concerned parties on future issues.

This week we had a slight break in the hustle and bustle to commemorate Lincoln Day in the Senate. We listened to a lovely local choir and looked at the old watercolor rendering of the capitol by the architect group that created the annexes to the original dome, House and Senate side.

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