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Not Goodbye, Just See You Later

I think it might be time to step back from my personal FB page and concentrate more on my website and legislative page. The amount of time I am spending in the off-session and the time consumed in preparation for the 2024 session, is leaving me with less discretionary time than I would normally like to have; it is becoming apparent that I need to limit my non-legislative social media involvement, especially in light of the added activities ramping up for my next campaign. Yes, you heard it right, I will be running for another term and I will be dedicating the needed energies in order to be successful. Although I enjoy greatly the ability to network and catch up with family and friends, I would rather shut down my interaction completely than be partly there, at least on my personal page. This will be a respite of sorts and I will certainly miss our pleasantries and the chronicling of life experiences, but it is not forever.

Before I go for a bit, I do want to let you know how important it is for me to be involved in the fight for our Republic and the cause of liberty. This is my new charge – I have been led to make this my next calling and means of service. As long as God will have me involved, I will do my part to make every conceivable effort to conserve and sustain this great state and country. If you are like me, you feel extremely blessed to have lived in one of our nation’s finest generations, a generation that has seen miraculous advancements, untold successes, and personal prosperity. It hasn’t always been a bed of roses for all of us, at all times, but we were blessed with an incredible opportunity and the ability to pursue our happiness in one of the best times to be alive in this great nation's history. With that said, it will continue to be my intent to hold the line and decelerate efforts to diminish this great country.

As I begin to prepare for my next campaign, leading up to and coinciding with the 2024 session, I am reminded of my Cinderella story-type win in my first campaign and the unlikely expected repeat. This realization has set me on a more vigorous path, with the anticipation of a significant primary challenge. If you are in support of what I stand for and want to return to a time when God, family, and freedom reigned, I can use you by my side. Please feel free to visit my carlbjerke4senate FB page or my website: for updates on both my campaign and the next legislative session. And, while on my site, feel free to navigate to my donation link – any contribution put toward my campaign will be greatly appreciated and will go a long way toward securing our future here in Idaho, and in this great nation.

Thank you,

Carl Bjerke, Senator LD5

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