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I am a retired Deputy Chief of Operations for the City of Santa Monica Fire Department.  My work history and background reflect my dedication to public service and has set the tone for my desire to serve in this community and the State of Idaho.  My experience includes being a respiratory therapist and a mortician’s apprentice. While working on my health-science degree and employed at Long Beach St. Mary’s Medical Center, I found my true calling after numerous encounters with members of the Long Beach Fire Department. After building a resume of firefighting experiences, I was hired as a firefighter by the City of Santa Monica in 1987. I have worked in most every aspect of the department: Firefighter, Paramedic, Acting Engineer, Captain, Paramedic Coordinator, Training Captain, Division Chief, Battalion Chief, Training Chief, and eventually retiring in 2017, as the Deputy Chief of Operations.

My qualifications lie in the fact that I am a citizen of this great Nation and resident of Idaho in District 5. My previous 32-year fire service work experience–including my 15-years of administrative assignments–will help me greatly in understanding issues related to the proper administration of local and state government. I have had many opportunities, throughout my career, to closely work with city and county governments and private sector entities; health districts and private hospitals; and other jurisdiction’s police and fire departments. I feel that my leadership style and my cooperative demeanor has led to accomplishing the work I was charged to perform.

I have an Associate Degree in Respiratory Therapy and Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Leadership.  I have numerous additional hours of education related to my position in the fire service, including fire management and incident command certificates as well as having graduated from the Paramedic Training Institute.

I have the benefit of having a vast and varied life and work experience, which provides me a level of knowledge and understanding that will benefit the people I serve.  My experiences in seeing politics from an intimate outside view, through my long career in public safety, has given me a unique perspective. Being there for people on their worst day has given me the ability to keep looking at the problem, instead of shying away from what might be difficult to see. My motivation comes from God, who has led me in this direction as well my strong desire to fight for the citizens of Idaho, and ultimately, this country.  I will not be running to merely enhance my resume’ or feed my ego; at this stage of my life, I have figured out that it is not about me, it is about what I can do to better the lives of those around me.

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